5 Things You’ll Miss About Chicago When You Leave

When you move away from a city as amazing as Chicago, you’re bound to get those punch-in-the-gut longings for home at some point. Busy streets, bright lights, wonderful people, an all around radiant atmosphere – the stereotypical “there’s no place like home” saying really rings true when it comes to the Windy City. Whether you only stopped in our city for a short time or you’re a lifelong Chicagoan who has decided to move on, these are 5 things you’ll long for once you’re gone.

Summertime Chicago
There’s nothing quite like Chicago in the summer. Festivals, food trucks, ball games, beaches, brunches, concerts, patio & rooftop living, late nights, dog parks, runs along the lake, beautiful weather… I could literally go on for hours. There’s no shortage of entertainment for Chicagoans in the summer, so much so that it makes it hard to even go to work. If you find yourself bored during the summertime in Chicago, you’re doing something wrong.

Three letters: CTA
It’s easy to take the CTA for granted when you’re crammed into a car with 100 strangers and 94 of them smell like meat sweats, leftover seafood, and/or alcohol, BUT we shouldn’t be so quick to judge our public transportation. Direct routes on the El, only one or two bus transfers – you can basically get anywhere you need to be with the tap of a Ventra card. There are cities that don’t even have trains, or places where bus routes don’t go off the beaten path. Trust me, the CTA is something to be thankful for.

Christmas in the city
chicago-winterSure, it’s mind-numbingly cold in Chicago during the wintertime. So what if the red line doors freeze shut sometimes or finding a parking spot that isn’t claimed by chairs or cones or random debris seems nearly impossible? Although most of us dread this time of year (see your Facebook news feed for proof), there’s something magical about winter in Chicago. Twinkling Christmas lights peeking through the snow, Christmas markets packed full of people chugging glühwein, Macy’s holiday window display on State Street, ice skating at Millennium Park, Lincoln Park ZooLights – we don’t let the fear of frostbite put a damper on our fun. Layers are key, people.

The best sports teams in the country
Chicago fans are the real deal. Seriously, did you see the city after the Cubs won the 2016 World Series or after the Hawks nabbed the Stanley Cup 3 times in the span of 6 years? Absolute insanity. From the Bears to the Bulls, the Hawks to the Cubs and yes, even the White Sox, it’s undeniable that our city lives for its sports teams. Even when they’re having an off year, Chicago fans never waiver – no matter how much they swear that they’ll never attend a Bears game again. We love our teams so much that when they win, it’s enough to make grown men cry.

The food
Tacos, fried chicken, doughnuts, oh my! Although Chicago is known for its pizza and hot dogs, the city is full of many delicious options when it comes to grub. From food trucks, to Michelin star restaurants, to little holes in the wall, the options are seemingly endless. Try all the restaurants, Yelp is your friend. Don’t want to wander out? Food delivery services like Grubhub, Postmates, and Caviar have you covered.

“But when I go to Chicago, I know I’m home.”
-Hank Sauer


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