5 Stocking Stuffers for Her

No two women are the same – thank god for that – but this can make things difficult when shopping for the girlfriends, sisters, moms, or gal pals in your life during the holiday season or… ever, really. Lucky for you, I’ve put together a few ideas for stocking stuffers that will have her holiday spirit on level 10 – you’re on your own for the big presents, friends. My suggestions may not be the answer to your Christmas prayers but who knows? Sometimes little gifts can go a long way. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you might see something and order it for yourself instead. Happy shopping!

For the bronzin’ babe

Say goodbye to pale skin! Cocoa Brown is a gift from the sun gods.

You heard it here first: tanning beds are out, tanning lotions are in. Add some color to her winter with a few Cocoa Brown products! CB is an Irish-made self tanning line ranging from 1 hour tanning mousse to bronzing gel to body moisturizer and more. I’ve only been using their products for a short time but I can honestly say that the tanning mousse (my favorite product!) is better than your standard spray tan. No streaks, no weird splotches when it starts to fade, no orange hands and feet, it smells good, and best of all, it’s totally affordable. It’s also been raved about by the Jenner/Kardashian gang, if that means anything to the golden girl on your list. Check out the ‘Where to Buy‘ page on the CB website or hop on over to Amazon and order it there.

Cozies for her toesies

Slipper socks are a steal at Penney’s, starting at €2 and up.

Is there anything worse than cold feet? Of course there is… but you get the point. This simple gift is sure to get plenty of use by those who struggle through cold winters and end up cringing, screaming, or both every time their toes touch the cold floor. These puppies are so comfy and so easy to slip on, and I swear they keep you 3x as warm as any pair of socks would.

For the busy bee

IKEA Byllan Laptop support

Know someone who works overtime? This laptop support with a name that I can’t pronounce from IKEA is perfect for the college student, work from homer (yes, I made that word up), or even just the casual laptop user in your life. This cute, portable support is perfect for relaxing in bed or on the couch to knock out a bit of work. It’s sold in gray/black for the more clean cut girl or multicolor/white for the quirky queen, and the cover is removable and can be thrown in the wash when she spills coffee all over it. I also just realized that this one won’t fit in a stocking… Oops! Get it here for just $14.99/€10.

Keep her comfy AND cute

Say goodbye to bed head and hello to winter fashion!

Who can stick their nose up at a practical gift that’s comfortable to wear and cute too? We all know that cold weather is the perfect excuse to roll out of bed and throw on a hat without brushing your hair. There are so many options – hats with sequins, hats with studs, hats with different colors, hats with different textures… you name it, you can probably find it. Her warm, cute head will thank you later.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a stocking stuffer

This PS… Strobe Highlighting Trio from Penney’s is just €4!

I’m not a makeup maven by any means, I barely even wear it, but adding a little shimmer to a lady’s stocking is never a bad idea. The beauty queen in your life is sure to appreciate any beauty products in her stocking, from lip gloss to blush to contour kits. Make sure you find out what brands she’s loyal to before filling your shopping cart and don’t be afraid to ask an associate for help!

What’s on your stocking stuffer shopping list this year?



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