A Parisian Hidden Gem: A Review of Hotel Audran

Finding decent vacation accommodation can be tricky, which seems especially true when heading to a foreign country. With so many options available, it can take hours to sift through all of the hotels, Airbnbs, and hostels out there and find one within your budget that has no reviews containing the words ‘bedbugs’ or ‘bad location.’

That being said, I’m probably on the less picky side of the spectrum when it comes to vacation digs. I don’t ever plan on spending a ton of time in the hotel room while on holiday so things such as room size or whether or not there’s a TV don’t really make a difference to me. A good scroll through any hotel’s TripAdvisor page can pretty much tell you anything you need to know. Hint: take small complaints with a grain of salt. For bigger complaints like bedbugs – don’t even take a chance.

I spent a solid week searching for an affordable, clean hotel with a good location in Paris. With a relatively small budget, most hotels we could afford were about 35-40 minutes from the “center” of Paris. Unlike our trip to Amsterdam, I knew that taking trains and/or buses would be a must, so it was important to find somewhere to stay that was situated near public transit.  Lucky for us, we totally hit the jackpot with our choice of hotel.

Just a 10 minute walk (in opposite directions) from Moulin Rouge and the Basilica du Sacre Cour, Hotel Audran was, in my opinion, every 20-something tourist’s dream come true. Although a bit of an older building (as most buildings in Paris are), there’s a certain charm about a skeleton key kind of hotel. Though the linens aren’t the most stylish and the TV only has French channels, Hotel Audran has all of the traveler necessities, i.e. hair dryers, a (teeny tiny) elevator, secure entry and housekeeping services.

While you may not be blown away upon entering the building, don’t judge a hotel by its lobby. After a quick chat with the super friendly hotel staff, we grabbed our keys and were unsure of what to expect. When we got to our room, I was presently surprised to find a spacious, airy, sunlight filled room with French doors that when opened, displayed an incredible view of the streets and buildings below. (Tip: numerous reviews on TripAdvisor suggested requesting a room on a higher level facing the street – we did this online ahead of time and our request was granted).



Our room had a decent sized bathroom with a hair dryer, stand up shower with plenty of hot water and great water pressure, and more French doors right next to the toilet – you know, in case you want to check out what’s going on outside while you’re peeing. There was a large closet that fit both of our bags, a desk and a small TV – but like I said before, unless you know French you’re out of luck there. Though the rooms may seem simple to some, they’re perfect for the travelers who don’t want to stay locked up in a room for the whole trip.


I can’t say enough about the location of this hotel. Situated in the bustling quarter of Montmartre, Hotel Audran is within close walking distance of a few different Metro stations that will take you wherever in Paris you want to be, as well as awesome landmarks like the Basilica du Sacre Cour and Moulin Rouge. There are also restaurants, bars, shops, pharmacies, and markets galore! We even got the chance to check out a little street market on a Sunday morning – crêpes, please! I have to give a shout out to B&M – an amazing burger place that we wandered into a few blocks away from the hotel. We got the chance to talk with the owner who gave us great recommendations on what to order and chatted with us while we waited for our food. Seriously, the burgers were deeeelish.


Instead of booking through a third party site, we secured our room through Hotel Audran’s website, which was actually cheaper and included breakfast with the cost. Breakfast is simple and practical, consisting of a crescent, a roll, a yogurt and a cup of coffee. It’s nothing special but it kept us going until we were ready for an early lunch. On our last day, we had a late flight so we wanted to make the most of the day and explore, lucky for us the hotel staff holds bags for guests as long as need be. For around €65 per night, this hotel was a complete steal.

If you can look past the slightly drafty room temps and thin walls, I guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what Hotel Audran has to offer. Who says you have to take my word for it? Be sure to check out reviews from other guest on TripAdvisor here. You can also see all the photos from our time in  Paris here. Bonne chance et bon voyage!




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  1. indieandlily says:

    I have been looking for a hotel in Paris, I must check this out it sounds great! 🙂

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    1. I’d definitely recommend checking it out. I absolutely fell in love with the area the hotel is located in as well!

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